SBP Apprenticeship - Meet the Team

Having joined SBP this summer as an apprentice, Mia shares an insight into her studies and experience that has led her to go down this career path.

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Here's what she had to say!

When did you join SBP and what led you to apply for the apprenticeship?

I joined SBP in June this year after looking for an Apprenticeship placement that would allow me to start my career. Within the SBP Apprenticeship role advert and during my interview, it was evident that SBP focused on career development and progression of their employees. Being a part of SBP offered everything that I was looking for; great hours and a workplace that has a great work culture.

Before I began researching Apprenticeship opportunities, I had been studying at university, but I realised that it was not for me, as I struggled with not having a routine, with set working hours and the separation of working within designated workspace and studying online.

Can you give insight into your day-to-day work at SBP?

Every day is interesting as it brings the opportunity to learn. I interact and learn from my colleagues who have an array of experience, skills & attributes. I've been able to gain experience in all areas of accountancy including personal tax and VAT.

What do you expect the apprenticeship will you in terms of experience and career development?

It allows me to learn valuable skills and gain experience that I will be using within the workplace.

It has given me access to a path that I can start studying for an ACCA qualification that help me progress in a life-long career in accountancy.

How has the SBP team supported you in your development?

When I first started at SBP, I was assigned a 'buddy' that mentored me, this was very helpful as I knew who to go to for help and they were available every day for any help I needed.

I have also been trained by multiple managers, who have a variety of specialties within accountancy, which has been beneficial for learning new, key, skills.

My colleagues have made me feel very welcome and have reassured me to not be nervous as I am just beginning my career and new to the industry (and slightly older than most apprentices).

SBP has given me a great support system that has reassured me that we all start somewhere, to ask for help and to not stress.

Have you any future career plans following qualifying?

I would like to study and become ACCA qualified and progress my career within accountancy.

Do you think there are enough opportunities and support in the industry? If not, what do you think would be beneficial for young people starting out?

I do believe that there are many ways that you can gain access to a career within Accountancy, whether it be through university, college, Modern Apprenticeships or taking online courses. Although, Modern Apprenticeship's are few and far between, I noticed that there were mainly only MA's within larger cities in Scotland. I believe it would be more beneficial for young people that MAs are available and spoken about more often as a path to take after school as you gain valuable work experience whilst studying along side it.

What advice would you give any student considering an apprenticeship or beginning their journey in the industry?

If you're a student thinking about an apprenticeship or starting in this industry, here's some simple advice. Keep an eye on the Gov-Scot Modern Apprenticeship website and apply to several apprenticeships. You can also use agencies that offer apprenticeships; they'll contact you when there's a good fit. It's a good idea to get some work experience, especially in roles involving money or numbers. And in school, focus on subjects like math, business, accountancy, or administration that match your chosen apprenticeship. These steps will help you prepare for success in this field.